April 8, 2020



60-Year-Old Nimrod is Safe

What a Nimrod In the first half of the 19th century nimrod was commonly used as a synonym for hunter. Linguistic experts disagree on when the word’s connotation changed from […]

Using The FamilySearch Catalog

FamilySearch.org has the largest collection of genealogical and historical records in the world. If you are researching family history and only using Ancestry.com or MyHeritage, you may be missing out […]


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Ancestry’s New Ethnicity Estimates

In 2006, Ancestry.com began offering direct-to-consumer DNA tests. Since then, the company has analyzed the genetic code of over 10 million participants. Over the years, Ancestry has been expanding and […]

Translation Resources

  • Reading old documents in a foreign language isn’t easy, but old records contain plenty of useful information. This page is a compilation of some of my favorite translation sites and tools. Learn how to recognize some of the most common [...]

Finding Place Names

  • Village Lists and Gazetteers Identifying an ancestor’s village of origin is an essential step to building a several-generation family tree. Many small towns from a century ago no longer exist, or have gone through one or more name changes. The documents and  links on this [...]


  • Many small towns from a century ago no longer exist, have gone through name changes, or are more commonly known by alternate exonyms. The map links on this page can help identify the modern-day names [...]

Adoptee Guide

  • Using DNA to Find Birth Parents: If you are an adoptee trying to locate biological family, you’ve probably found many websites full of adoptee resources, legal information, and even links to adoptee angels (volunteers who will assist in your search). [...]

My Genealogical Projects

  • When researching European ancestors, often the information we need isn’t easily accessible or available online.  These pages contain links to my notes, findings, and indexes.

Miscellaneous Links

  • Historical Guides and Compilations Munich Digital Library: Rare, antique Hungarian (German, and other) texts It’s possible to find books online here (download free pdfs) that can’t be found anywhere else, online or otherwise. I have found books listed [...]

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