The Bellanich Family: Research to Reunion

News stories about adoptees finding their birth families through DNA have become pretty common. Reunion tales often show heartwarming photos or interviews of the families after they’ve found each other. […]


Why Don’t I Look Like My Parents?

It was 1979 in rural Mississippi and Navin Johnson was celebrating his 18th birthday. His mom prepared his favorite meal: tuna salad on white bread, a Tab cola, and some […]



Congratulations! You’ve decided to take your genealogical research to the next level with DNA testing. You spit in the tube, shipped off your sample, and after 4-8 weeks of waiting, […]


Joan’s Story

Hello Carolyn, My name is Jane and I am an adoptee-helper. I know this probably sounds a bit weird, but I’m calling because I’m assisting a man who may be […]