The majority of my work is done for adoptees or people searching for an unknown parent. I assist many clients at no cost. However, I do pay for the resources needed to solve these cases.

In addition to using the many free online research sites, I maintain subscriptions to premium sources such as Ancestry, MyHeritage,, and These tools allow me immediate access to as much information as possible, enabling me to find answers quickly. I also often donate DNA kits to people who can’t afford them.

In total, with web-hosting, subscription services, DNA test kits, and miscellaneous fees, I spend a few thousand dollars per year (and hundreds of hours of my time) to help people find answers.

To offset these costs, I accept donations via PayPal.

Any amount helps.

If I have assisted you with your own family mystery, or you’d just like to support my work, feel free to use the link below.*

Thank you.

*I am not registered as a nonprofit organization, so funds are not tax-deductible.