Güssing District, Burgenland Compiled Family Trees

This is a compilation of dozens of family trees from the Güssing region of Burgenland, Austria (pre-1920: Vas Megye, Hungary). While helping others build family trees, I found many of them that crossed in several places and decided to combine them into one big tree. All people born after 1900 have been removed or marked “private.”

Click here to visit the tree (external site provided by Rootsmagic)

This database of ancestors was created by following Austrian-Hungarian immigrants who settled in the US back back to their villages of origin. Some data was taken from public trees, but he majority of the information was found on digitized microfilm at FamilySearch.org

The majority of the ancestors in these trees are from Stegersbach (Szentelek) and nearby villages. Many settled in South Bend, IN, Milwaukee, WI, Buffalo, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and Central New Jersey.

In addition to Stegersbach, the following villages appear in this database:

Bocksdorf (Baksafalva)

Deutsch Tschantschendorf (Német-Csencs)

Neuberg (Újhegy)

Olbendorf (Óbér)

Ollersdorf (Barátfalva)

Rauschwart, Schallendorf im Burgenland (Rábort/ Füstör)

Tobaj (Tobaj)

And many others.

Images courtesy of mapire.edu 1

  1. https://mapire.eu/en/map/secondsurvey-hungary/

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