This series of guides uses real-life examples to explain how to use DNA and public records to research your own central European roots. While my focus is on Austria-Hungary, many of the methods described can be applied to other parts of Europe.

Beginner’s Guide to Austrian-Hungarian Genetic Genealogy



Congratulations! You’ve decided to take your genealogical research to the next level with DNA testing. You spit in the tube, shipped off your sample, and after 4-8 weeks of waiting, […]


Translating Parish Records – Births

Most Hungarian birth/baptismal records prior to October 1895 will be found in Catholic Church parish registers. At the time, Hungary was predominantly Catholic, accounting for over 60% of the country’s […]


Translating Parish Records – Deaths

Paging through a book of death records from the 1800s can be a pretty dismal task. With tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis, and a slew of other nasty ailments decimating the population, […]