Római Katólikus Egyház, Őriszentpéter – Vas Megye, Hungary. Birth Record Translations and House Lists. Includes the towns of Kondorfa, Őriszentpéter, Rábagyarmat, and Szatta from 1840-1895.

1857 Kondorfa Vas Megye
Image Source: Mapire.edu, Habsburg Empire – Cadastral maps (XIX. century)

These records span 55 years and were documented by several different church officials, each with his own language preferences. The result is a mix of different spellings for the same names. A couple named Joannes and Sophia may be found listed in 1870, but two years later, they have become Janos and Zsofi. To ease the search process, all first names have been converted to their Hungarian equivalents, without accented vowels. For example, the name “Stephen”, which would be spelled “Stephanus” in Latin, will be found in the spreadsheet as “Istvan”.  If in doubt, most name variations and spellings can be found at Behind the Names.

Most surnames have also been adjusted. “Horvat” and “Horvath” are all spelled Horvath in the spreadsheet. Saafar, Safar, and Safaar, are all spelled “Safar”. Surname standardization was done using the spellings on the 1857 Cadastral map as a guide. If the spelling is unclear, a standard wildcard search can help.

The spreadsheet below contains over 1,500 entries and is intended to serve as an index. Although it does include useful information such as godparents’ names, house numbers, and notations, please view the original images (notated in the last two columns) to verify the accuracy of the information.1

In many cases, there are lengthy notes in the observations section I simply didn’t have the time to translate. Scroll all the way to the right-most column to view comments and image numbers in columns O and P. Then, view the original images to  take a closer look at the notations.

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House List/Landowner List, Kondorfa, 1857

Taken from the cadastral maps at Mapire, this 1857 survey of taxable property lists the names of most of the landowners of the village. I was unable to locate all of the properties, but the majority are in the spreadsheet linked below.  If you want to try to find the missing plots, the map can be found here.2

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