Jane has a unique personal skill set that enabled her to identify my father’s birth mother. She is able to combine the use of document translation for birth, marriage and death certificates in various languages in old fashioned script with the new technology of DNA matches.

Jane has an excellent understanding of history and of maps. This ability helped us to understand where our biological family came from, where they settled and how they lived the United States. Jane has such empathy for the people and times of long ago. Her detailed explaination of her analysis made us feel as though we know the people she discovered.

Our family hired several other genealogists and they were not successful in identifying my biological grandmother.Jane is kind and compassionate as well as relentless when she is working for a client. She leaves no stone unturned . – L.

Dear Jane, I am most appreciative,of you searching diligently, on my behalf, in locating my birth parents. You are dedicated and accurate in your research. Countless hours have been spent going over DNA matches, family trees, newspaper articles from past times, as well as going back in time, to make connections of various persons.

After 81 years it is exciting, emotional, to finally know who my parents were. I must give enormous credit, recognition, and accomplishment , that you have directed this search and have been successful! – A.